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My Iraq T-Shirts is really the perfect gift to give during the holiday season. I don’t have an Iraqi friend in my immediate family but I’ve often thought of visiting and living in their country, maybe learning their language. I can’t imagine spending a day with them but I certainly would enjoy having a custom design from Iraq for my t-shirt.

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The day before the Christmas holiday, I was thinking about creating a new design to offer as a gift to friends and family that might be considering moving to Iraq. I’m a hobbyist in my spare time, creating original and custom art on paper. My Iraqi friends would certainly be pleased with a simple custom t-shirt with my website address.


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Colors and designs would be available in simple and complicated shapes, if this is your preference. If you’re interested in giving this item as a gift or just for fun, I recommend going online for good quality prints and art. You can get unlimited designs and colors for pennies on the dollar.

There are also all kinds of sizes to choose from. While there is no set size for the t-shirts, you can always put them on any man’s chest size and give him some defense while he’s doing yard work. They’re also great for those with special needs, as they can be adapted to fit every size. You can put your own words on the t-shirts, either as the whole design or part of a quote, to personalize the gifts even more.

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IRAQ T-Shirts is also available in many different prints and designs for men and women. I love the simplicity of them. Sometimes I find myself reaching for a plain, uncluttered shirt that offers a little bit of color. I like that simplicity and prefer them to complicated designs.

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You can also design your t-shirt in different ways. You can put your own text on the back, either as the whole design or with a little added to give it a personal touch. You can add your own photos of your family, pets, place of work, or place of worship. Many people choose to do this for their children.

If you’d like a more traditional Iraqi clothing for your gift, you can go with a more traditional style of kaftan. For the holidays, a simple but elegant rattan for the whole family is the perfect gift.

There are many gifts to choose from and even more options for printing your own design. Give a gift that will be treasured for years to come.